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I am a graphic designer and photographer, passionate about photography ever since picking up my first SLR about 20 years ago. I enjoy capturing not only a moment but also the feeling of a scene.

Although my experience covers various areas of photography, photographing children was probably my first love, even before having my own. I get a great kick out of capturing a naughty smile or a moment of great excitement and showing a bit of their personality. After a long and painful journey, our own son was born two years ago and he must be the most photographed kid around! I love capturing our everyday moments while he explores and learns about his surroundings. They grow up so fast!

I live in the heart of Cape Town with my husband and our little boy and can’t imagine living anywhere else! I love this city, it’s people and the inspiration it gives me.

In my spare time I enjoy a good road trip with my family, discovering roads we’ve never been on and exploring all of South Africa’s many little “dorpies”. I love to walk on a stormy beach, feeling the power of nature around me. All of the above, never without a camera or iPhone to capture the mood!